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The Mennonite cemetery
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Shipley, located in Perth County, was first settled in the mid-1850s as a small postal and sawmill hamlet. Shipley grew quickly after Edward Bristow opened a small sawmill in the mid-1850. By 1858 it contained both a school and a post office.

Shipley boomed while the sawmill was operating. The settlement included three carpenters, two masons, a carriage maker, a hotel and a few other tradespeople. There was no shortage of religious institutions. It began with an Anglican Church around 1863. A Lutheran Church followed a year later. Last up was a Mennonite Church, built around 1870. Mail from nearby Mayne Corners transferred to Shipley after that post office closed in 1866. At its height Shipley boasted a population of around 100.

After the sawmill closed in the mid-1880s, Shipley made a rapid descent downward from which it never recovered. By the end of the 19th century, the population had dropped to around 40 or 50.

Today there are very few reminders that Shipley ever existed. Most of the original buildings were torn down. The only institution still functioning is the Lutheran church, which still continues to hold regular services. Learn more

How to get there

Shipley is located at the edge of Perth County. a few kilometres from Mayne Corners.

Shipley disappeared from the maps years ago. It’s located on Road 167 just south of Highway 88. One of Shipley’s cemeteries can be found at the corner of Road 165 and Highway 88. Another cemetery lies further south on Line 87.

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Nearby centre: Fordwich, approximately 8 kilometres

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