Mayne Corners


Photo of church
The former church
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Mayne Corners was a small farming hamlet in Perth County, first settled in the mid-19th century. At its height it contained a store, blacksmith, post office, Orange Hall and a school.

There are no records of any industries in Mayne Corners, other than a sawmill that operated for a brief period. The post office only lasted until 1866, when the postmaster resigned and postal service moved to nearby Shipley. A Methodist church opened in 1876.

Today there is nothing left of Mayne Corners except for a sign and the cemetery. Luckily they were able to save the small wooden church. It now sits in the Country Heritage Park in Milton where it enjoys a new life as part of the park’s permanent collection of buildings. Learn more

How to get there

Mayne Corners is located in Perth County, right at the borders of Perth and Huron Counties, at Perth Rd. 178 and Huron Rd. 30. The Mayne Corners United Church has been permanently moved to The Country Heritage Park in Milton, Ontario. Check their website for opening and closing dates and times.

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Nearby centre: Fordwich, 6 kilometres

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