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How many ghost towns are there in Ontario?

Probably hundreds. Some exist in name only whereas others, mere shadows of their former selves, continue to support small populations. Others that once supported viable industries have been reduced to dust and rubble once the industries pulled out. Even though these settlements tried and failed, all of them managed to play a small part in Ontario’s past and deserve some recognition.

We started exploring ghost towns more than 20 years ago. Since then, many of these buildings have been demolished, remains have been bulldozed, and some communities are no longer accessible.

There are over 200 communities listed. We encourage you to explore the site but cannot guarantee that you’ll be able to access these former communities.

Tips for ghost town explorers

Be sure not to trespass or take any “souvenirs.” You are free to photograph anything from a public vantage point.

Also come well equipped. Make sure you have a flight plan and others know where to find you. Don’t rely on your phone because a number of these areas do not have cell phone access. Check the weather and take along emergency clothing, boots and food.

Select an area and begin your exploration.

And lastly, have a wonderful time and enjoy your adventure.

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