Photo of tombstones
Tombstones in the pioneer cemetery
©Jeri Danyleyko

Greenock Village, located in Bruce County, was an early stopping place and post office established along the mail route from Durham to Kincardine. The village’s official names were Greenock Village and also Greenock PO. Locally, villages knew it as Enniskillen.

Shortly after they established the post office, the little village started to boom. At its height Greenock boasted a sawmill, blacksmith, carriage and woodworking shops, three hotels, two churches and a school.

By the dawn of the dawn of the 20th century Greenock began to decline as an important centre. With improved roads and better means of travel, Greenock had little to offer over much larger centres like Walkerton which in addition to being the county seat, was only located a few kilometres away.

Today little remains of this once thriving community. The original general store still stands and is now a private home. There is also a pioneer cemetery, memorial park along with a small cairn and historical plaque dedicated to Greenock’s pioneers. Learn more

How to get there

Greenock Village (also known locally as Enniskillen) can be right on Highway 9, 6 kilometres east of the hamlet of Riversdale in Bruce County.

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Nearby centre: Walkerton, 9 kilometres

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