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Steps to the former church
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Glanmire began as a small colonization settlement along the Hastings Colonization Road. Compared to the success of other roads, this road stands as a stark reminder of the failure of the road colonization program. Settlers first arrived in 1856 and a post office was in place by the end of 1858.

Glanmire, like many of the Hastings Road settlements thrived for a while. The community certainly benefitted from being on the stage route. Consequently the post office served the important function of moving the mail on a weekly basis from Millbridge to Thanet and then on to York River (later Bancroft). Glanmire also contained a hotel for a while and later a school and church.

Although Glanmire survived a little longer than most of the Hastings Road settlements, there was simply not enough industry or business in the area to sustain it. As a result, buBy the late 1950s the community was pretty much finished.

Today, few reminders remain from Glanmire. The cemetery contains a number of family plots and still sees occasional usage. On the positive side, the area remains popular with cottage goers and other summer enthusiasts, where it supports a small summer community. Learn More

How to get there

Glanmire can be found on the old Hastings road. Turn right at the end of Millbridge Rd. and travel north along the dirt road for approximately 10 kilometres.

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Nearby centres: Marmora, 13 kilometres and Bannockburn, 15 kilometres

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