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This building, possibly a business, remains in use
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Mill Bridge (later Millbridge) was an early milling hamlet along the Hastings Road, first settled in the mid-1850s. In its day, it was one of the most important communities in Tudor Township.

The community began with a mill and a bridge located adjacent to the Jordan Creek. By 1860 it had a store, post office and school. By the 1870s it boasted offering competitions, exhibits and prizes.

Millbridge was one of the many victims of the Hastings Colonization Road. The road, both poorly constructed and badly maintained, had one of the highest rates of abandonment of all the colonization routes. By the 1920s, it contained little more than a string of ghosted settlements.

Millbridge still continues to support a small population, mainly seasonal. A number of the original buildings, including the church, houses and one of the stores, are still standing. Learn More

How to get there

Millbridge and Millbridge Station are both situated in Hastings County, just north of Bannockburn. To reach Millbridge, turn on to Millbridge Rd. from Highway 62 and travel approximately 5 kilometres until you reach the crossroads at the old Hastings Rd.

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Nearby centre: Hastings Village, 9 kilometres

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