Point Anne


The old townsite
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Point Anne, located near Belleville, was a small company town spawned by the cement industry. The community jumped to life in 1905, following construction of a plant by the Belleville Portland Cement Company. Three years later, the Lehigh Portland Cement Company followed with a second plant 3 kilometres east of the first.

A small independent townsite rose up between the two plants. It contained two general stores, two grocery stores, a school, two churches, and an Orange Lodge. The builders put up approximately 100 new homes using decorative cement blocks, a style considered rare and unique in North America.

The Canada Portland Cement Company swallowed up both plants by 1909. In 1914, Canada Portland Cement consolidated their operations by closing the older plant and shifting all production to the newer one. The plant thrived throughout the depression. Following World War II, the post-war construction boom led to further expansion in order to handle the increased volumes.

Point Anne fell swiftly and with little warning. Following a merger with Lafarge Cement in 1970, the plant closed abruptly in 1973. The company sold a number of homes to the residents who wanted to remain in the community. They demolished the others along with the plant.

Due to its close proximity to Belleville, a number of people still live in Point Anne. A number of interesting ruins and foundations lie along the lake shore. Learn more

How to get there

Point Anne lies just east of the city of Belleville. Follow Highway 62 south through Belleville until you reach Highway 2. Travel east on Highway 2 until you reach Point Anne Rd. Travel south until you reach the shores of the Bay of Quinte. From there you can travel west for about 3 kilometres until you reach the cracked sidewalks and cellar holes of the first townsite. The ruins of the second townsite are situated at the east end of the road, just across the road from the aggregate plant.

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Nearby centre: Belleville, 10 kilometres

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