Mohr’s Corners


Photo of foundation
Old foundation
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Mohr’s Corners began as a early stopping settlement on the stage coach run. Located in Carleton County, it started with a post office in 1853. Charles Mohr opened an inn, likely around the same time. The settlement went through a few different name changes before settling on Mohr’s Corners.

At its height, Mohr’s Corners contained a school, township hall, Methodist church, two stores, a cooperage, and a number of attractive homes. It boasted a population of around 100.

One important event was the annual fall fair, held by the Fitzroy Agricultural Society. They held the first fair in 1856. By 1874, the fairs were so popular that the society established a permanent fairground. The fairs featured competitions, produce, and various handicraft, fine arts and farm exhibits. They lasted until 1946.

Mohr’s Corners began to fade in the 1870s. Galetta, located just to the north, offered an excellent water power site and was able to attract more business.

Today there is very little left of Mohr’s Corners. The schoolhouse still stands and is now a private dwelling. One other house has also survived. A few ruins can still be found in the field. Galetta has also declined but for now, continues to exist as a small rural community. Learn more

How to get there

Mohr’s Corners can be found on Mohr’s Rd. about 1 1/2 kilometres south of Galetta, just on the other side of the railway bridge.

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Nearby centre: Arnprior, 8 kilometres

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