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The former schoolhouse
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Millington, located in Simcoe County, got its start as a small farming hamlet during the 1860s. At its height, Millington was a full service community. To that end, it boasted, a saw and shingle mill, a hotel with a tavern, a store, post office, town hall, blacksmith shop, Methodist Church and a school.

On the negative side, Millington began to fade in the late 1800s after the sawmill closed. As a result, farm-based businesses and services took over by the early 1900s.

Millington briefly had access to railway service following the opening of the Canadian Northern Railway’s Orillia subdivision in 1914. That lasted until 1923 when the railway became part of the Canadian National Railway. The newly formed railway quickly dropped as many duplicate services as possible. The Orillia subdivision was an early casualty.

Improved transportation in the 20th century led to the demise of many small farming hamlets like Millington, as farmers began to gravitate towards larger centres, such as Orillia or Barrie.

Today Millington’s old schoolhouse still stands. There may be a few more early buildings on a nearby farm. The remainder of the townsite has reverted back to farmland. Learn more

How to get there

Millington is located in Simcoe County, however it is not an easy find. The community was mapped at the crossroads of Concession 9 and Sideroad 15, just south of Highway 12. The Highway 12 road alignment has changed considerably and what remains is a field. The schoolhouse is located south of the former community at Concession 7 and Sideroad 15.

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Nearby centre: Beaverton

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