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The Letterkenny Church
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Letterkenny was a small crossroads hamlet in Renfrew County first settled in the 1870s. During its best days it had a store, post office, saw and flour mills and a small Lutheran church, built around 1881.

Letterkenny was always a small place with an average population of around 50. Like most small farming hamlets, it began to decline in the early part of the 20th century.

According to local folklore, there were rumours that Letterkenny was a hiding place for the notorious mobster Al Capone during the 1930s. Capone was reportedly holed up in a log cabin situated on the Letterkenny Road. Whether true or not, it’s a wonderful story well worth repeating.

Letterkenny struggled on for many years but it was pretty much over by the late 1950s. The church continued to hold regular services until 1991. The church is in beautiful condition and remains in use for special occasions. Learn More

How to get there

Letterkenny is located on Highway 515 south of the Opeongo Road. The church sits on the east side of the road.

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Nearby centre: Quadeville, 6 kilometres

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