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Well at a former home
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Kormak was a small lumbering settlement located in northeastern Ontario, about 35 kilometres east of Chapleau. The formation of the Kormak Lumber Company led to the establishment of the community in 1942.

There were limited accommodations in Kormak. The company began with a bunkhouse and cookery for single workers. A number of workers with families built their own homes. The company followed suit by building a few additional homes. They then added a large company store, school and post office. The CPR added a large flag station in 1949. During the 50s and 60s, the company added a few mobile homes. At its height the community contained about 166 residents.

By the early 70s, the company was beginning to wind down. Kormak officially came to an end when the mill closed in 1979.

Today only three original homes remain. One is occupied year round and the other two only see seasonal use. Learn More

How to get there

Kormak is located in Sudbury District. See a detailed map for more information.

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