Furnace Falls


Photo of ruins
Ruins of a log cabin
©Jeri Danyleyko

Furnace Falls was a small railway siding and mine site built to accommodate the nearby iron mine in Irondale. Following construction of the mine, settlers (likely mine employees) arrived in 1874. The settlement contained a blast furnace for smelting the ores.

By the early 1880s, Furnace Falls added a saw and shingle mill. Following the mills were a post office and store in 1883. Completion of the railway from Howland Junction to Irondale finally happened in 1887. The railway opened a small station and siding in Furnace Falls.

The mine in Irondale was not a success. It closed by 1900 and Furnace Falls didn’t last much beyond that. The post office remained open until 1967. Today only traces remain of where Furnace Falls once stood. The falls themselves, which were not located on the actual townsite, remain a popular tourist attraction. Learn more

How to get there

Furnace Falls is located in Haliburton County, a short drive from the villages of Kinmount and Mindon. From Highway 503, follow the exit to White Lake Rd. for about 1.2 kilometre The former townsite is located at the fork where White Lake Rd. heads towards Fortescue.

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Nearby centre: Kinmount, 9 kilometres

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