Photo of schoolhouse
A side view of the former Eskdale schoolhouse, now a private home
©Jeri Danyleyko

Eskdale, located in Bruce County, never had much. It was a tiny place containing little else besides a post office and school. Its unusual name is Scottish in origin. The post office was located right on the township line between Bruce and Kincardine and it moved back and forth between townships several times during its existence.

Settlers arrived in Eskdale in the early 1850s. By the mid-1850s an early log school, U.S.S. #3, Bruce and Kincardine, stood on Lot 11, Concession 1, on the southwest corner. A frame school replaced it in 1873.

Eskdale was mainly a farming area and offered little in the way of shops or businesses. There was stage coach service three times a week between Tiverton and Eskdale.

With no other institutional buildings in the area, the school became home to a variety of social and community events. It remained in use until 1965 and later for private use. Learn more

How to get there

The Eskdale PO moved around several times between Bruce and Kincardine Townships. It was located around Highway 1 and Sideroad 20. The schoolhouse is located on Concession 2 Bruce and Sideroad 15.

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Nearby centre: Tiverton, 7 kilometres

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