Cameron Falls


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Former roadway
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Cameron Falls was a company town, built by the Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario. Its sole purpose was in developing a power site in northwest Ontario.

They built the first power site in the 1920s. During this time hydro also built living accommodations for the permanent employees, stationed at the plant. The company townsite included over two dozen homes, bunkhouses, and later a school, store, post office and small hospital. By the 1931, the townsite had grown to include nearly 50 homes. During the 1950s, they built additional power units.

By the 1960s technology improved to the point where it became possible to automate power stations and monitor them remotely. Ontario Hydro then began to downsize the site. After that, employees had the option of purchasing their homes and relocating them elsewhere. Accordingly, the power commission auctioned off as much as they could. They demolished whatever they sell by auction. By 1973, nothing remained of the townsite. Learn more

How to get there

Cameron Falls is located in Thunder Bay District approximately 20 kilometres north of Nipigon on Highway 585.

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Neabry centre: Nipigon, 17 kilometres

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