Photo of manager's home
A former mining manager’s home
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Blairton was an iron mining town that thrived during the 1860s. At its height it was a full service community that included two hotels, two stores, two butchers, a carpenter, clothier and shoemaker. The village also boasted a bank, school, and church. Housing came in the form of 40 company homes along with boarding houses for the singles. During those heady days, when the mine was in full swing, its population was listed at 500.

Unfortunately Blairton’s prosperity didn’t last long. The mine was beset by numerous problems including the bankruptcy of the parent company, economic downturns, and flooding.

Blairton struggled on for many years under the optimistic and misguided belief that under the right set of conditions revivability and profitability were imminent. Despite numerous reorganization attempts, and several different owners, it never happened. By 1993, the mine was effectively under the ownership of the Grand Trunk Railway (GTR) and shortly after that ceased to exist.

The church and post office remained in operation until 1929 when both shut down for good. Following a combination of flooding and/or dismantling, most of the original townsite no longer exists. Despite that Blairton is now the object of a revival of sorts. These include a number of newer homes and a trailer park, which has been in business for a number of years. None of the original mining buildings still exist. Learn more

How to get there

Blairton is located 2 kilometres north of Hwy. 7, 7 kilometres west of Marmora in Peterborough County. From Hwy 7, follow Blairton Rd. north until you reach Coles Rd.

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Nearby centre: Havelock, 9 kilometres

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