Willow Creek


Photo of church
The Shiloh Church and cemetery
©Jeri Danyleyko

The small hamlet of Willow Creek, located in Bruce County, began as a religious movement during the 1860s. Following construction of a church in the 1860s, a small community began to form as people gravitated to the area to be closer to the church.

At its height, Willow Creek contained two brick yards, a sawmill, store and a blacksmith shop. Willow Creek along with the nearby settlement of Gresham shared both a school and a Grange Hall, located halfway between the two communities. Willow Creek’s population peaked at around 100.

Like many small hamlets, Willow Creek began to fade away during the 20th century. Improved transportation and the trend towards larger farms were contributing factors.

Today Willow Creek has reverted back to farmland. Both the church and schoolhouse still stand. The church, now known as the Shiloh United Brethren Church, remains active and continues to hold regular services. The renovated schoolhouse is now a private home. Learn more

How to get there

Willow Creek can be found on Concession 4, just east of Sideroad 20.

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Nearby centre: Tiverton 2 kilometres

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