Photo of race track
The former race track behind the church
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Strathaven, located in Grey County, was first settled in the 1860s. It began as a small farming hamlet. By 1871 it had a small Baptist church and by 1877, a post office. Coupled with that, three mills opened in the 1880s and Strathaven jumped to life.

At its height, Strathaven contained flour, saw, and shingle mills. Commercial businesses included a general store, blacksmith and wagon shops. They added a school in 1888. There was also a Foresters Court.

Strathaven’s residents were deeply religious. In 1900, the congregation replaced the old church with a beautiful red brick Romanesque-style structure that quickly became the focal point of the village. They subsequently sold the old church to the Foresters who converted it to a new Foresters’ Hall. Recreational activities included horseracing and competitive sports. A race track and field were located behind the church.

Strathaven was an unfortunate victim of the railway age. After the railways bypassed the community, its industries were unable to compete. As a result, by the 1920s, its businesses closed and the hamlet began to wither away.

Today much of Strathaven has reverted back to farmland. The schoolhouse still stands. Despite being in a state of ruin for many years, renovators were able to work their magic and it’s now an attractive home. The Baptist church continues to flourish and supports a small, but active congregation. Learn more

How to get there

Strathaven can be found in Chatsworth Township, Grey County. It lies on Strathaven Road betwen Massie Sideroad and the Holland-Sydenham townline. The name is misspelled as ‘Strathavon’ in the Atlas of Canada (and numerous other references) below.

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Nearby centre: Owen Sound, 18 kilometres

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