Photo of gate
Entrance to the former church grounds
©Jeri Danyleyko

Rokeby was a postal hamlet and farm settlement, located in Lanark County about 10 kilometres east of Maberley. It was always a small place with a population that hovered between 20 and 30.

At its height, Rockby contained a general store, post office and a blacksmith, along with a small Anglican Church and cemetery. A school was located one concession north. The post office only remained open for a few short years.

Today Rokeby continues to support a small population and a number of original structures still stand. These include the store, and a number of outbuildings. Although they demolished the church many years ago, the church grounds remain well-maintained. Unfortunately, they cannot say the same for the Anglican cemetery which they classified as “abandoned” many years ago. Learn more

How to get there

Rokeby lies at the junction of Fagan Lake and Doran Roads about 10 kilometres east of Maberly. From Maberly, follow the Maberly Elphin Road north until you reach Fagan Lake Road. Then turn right and follow the road until you reach the townsite.

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