Rock Mills


Photo of sawmill blade
Sawmill blade
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Rock Mills, located in Grey County, was a small farming and milling settlement. It began as a small farm community that didn’t even qualify for hamlet status. A sawmill, established in the 1890s, quickly grew into a successful milling and furniture manufacturing facility that thrived for over 60 years.

At its height Rock Mills contained a couple of stores, a post office, a school and a Baptist Church. There was also a busy hotel and tavern about 2 kilometres west of the community.

Although Rock Mills was never large, it survived until the early 1950s when the mill and factory closed. Today it still supports a small population (listed as 14). The schoolhouse still stands and is now a private home. Also standing is the old hotel, also a private home, and a number of original buildings. The Baptist church remains active but has relocated to a newer building. Learn more

How to get there

Rock Mills can be found just off Grey Road 4 at Sideroad 30.

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Nearby centre: Flesherton, 5 kilometres

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