Purple Grove


Photo of schoolhouse
The schoolhouse
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Purple Grove was a small farming settlement in Bruce County first settled in the 1850. It came to life as a community, following the opening of a post office.

Purple Grove does not appear to have had any businesses or industries. Josh Logan, a blacksmith by trade, also served as postmaster. There was a school house and a Methodist Church just north of the community. The post office lasted until 1915 when it was replaced by rural mail delivery.

The school was closed in 1963 due to centralization of the school system and is now used as a community centre. The Women’s Institute remains active. The remainder of the area is now used for farming. Learn more

How to get there

Purple Grove is located at Concession Road 12 and Sideroad 5 in Bruce County, Huron Township.

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Nearby centre: Ripley, 6 kilometres

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