Pickerel Landing Village


Photo of building
An original building
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Pickerel Landing Village, located in the Parry Sound Region, began with the formation of the Pine Lake Lumber Company in 1910. Their mill equipment was purchased from the Ontario Lumber Company in French River, and then reassembled in Pickerel Village. The mill was in operation by 1912.

Pickerel Village was actually divided into three separate town sites. The first, situated directly south of the landing contained a Catholic church, a store, five dwellings, a boarding house, and a few other structures.

The second was located north of the CPR line and contained a school, boarding house and a number of dwellings. A second store was added in 1922.

The third, located east of the mill, contained a few homes and later, a dance hall. A post office, opened in 1918, was moved around between the different stores over the years.

Pickerel Village’s population declined steadily during the depression years, but it was never totally abandoned. Today it continues to support a small population and enjoys a summer boom. A few original structures still remain, along with extensive foundations from the mill. Learn more

How to get there

Pickerel Landing Village can be found just off Hwy. 69. Follow the ‘Pickerel’ exit. The townsite was very spread out, however the trailer camp marks the limits of the former town.

Just before the town site you’ll cross over the railway tracks. The station foundation can be easily discerned. At the end of the road by the tracks, you’ll find the former boarding house. There are a couple of old buildings in the trailer camp that belonged to the old town. This is private property so be sure to get permission before exploring. The mill remains can be found in the woods at the end of the trailer camp, however watch out for poison ivy and rattlesnakes.

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Nearby centre: Henvey Inlet Native Reserve, 19 kilometres

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