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The former townsite is now empty
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Along the National Transcontinental Railway (later CN) at mileage point 106.1 in Eilbert Township, stood another small hamlet named Parthia. Although smaller than Fryatt and Reesor, Parthia shared the same beginnings as a lonely station stop and siding. Initially known as Macbey Station, a post office opened briefly in November 1925 and was known by the name Macbey. It closed 29 days later.

A few homes had begun to spring up near the flag station and nearly a dozen farmsteads, mainly cleared by French Canadians from Quebec, sprouted up. By 1925 there were enough children to form a French Separate school. Classes were initially held in the home of Rosario Nolet until a school house was finally completed in 1927. In 1929 the post office reopened in Alphonse Guillemette’s house on lot 16, concession 2, Eilber Township. The name of the office was changed to Parthia in 1932.

In 1930 the era of the Great Depression had begun and by the mid-30’s Parthia had hit its brief zenith counting 22 farms over a large wide area. By the early 40s, Parthia was already in decline and after barely a generation had begun to disappear. In 1951 the post office closed, followed soon after by the school in 1952. By the 1970’s only a half dozen shells marked the area where Parthia once stood. Parthia had vanished entirely. Today the odd cellar within a struggling meadow is all that is left of Parthia.

How to get there!

Parthia is located on the south side of Highway 11 in Cochrane District, just east of Mattice.

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Nearby centre: Mattice, 6 kilometres

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