Photo of railway crew
The nearby siding of Mulock, near Osborne, ca. 1920s
Courtesy: Willy Yantha

Osborne was a small railway settlement built by the Temiskaming & Northern Ontario Railway (later ONR) around 1905. The settlement was conceived during the early planning stages of the railway in the hopes of expanding the lumber industry in the area.

The community began with a station and section village (roughly about half a dozen structures) and a post office. Most of the community’s residents were railway employees who were kept busy handling lumber shipments that passed through the siding. Unfortunately the lumber boom never materialized and Osborne’s population declined steadily.

In the 1940s the railway consolidated their section points, reducing them from 10 down to four. Not surprisingly, Osborne ended up on the chopping block.

A few people remained in the community into the 1950s. A small sawing and veneer operation ran for a number of years. Once it shut down, Osborne was officially abandoned. Learn more

How to get there

Osborne can be found in Nipissing District and is accesible by rail only. See the detailed map for more information

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