Former schoolhouse
Former schoolhouse, now in use by the church
©Jeri Danyleyko

Newboyne, was a small farming hamlet, located in Leeds County. It was first settled around 1832 primarily by Irish Protestants. The St. Peter’s Mission established a small Anglican Church around 1845.

By the 1860s Newboyne had grown into well-established farming community. It included a post office, school, Orange Lodge, town hall and blacksmith. A stunning new church replaced the old mission church in 1872. It quickly became the pride and joy of the community. Businesses included a couple of cheese factories and a wagon shop.

Newboyne was never more than a small farming hamlet with a population that averaged around 50. As farms grew larger and transportation improved, little service and supply hamlets such as Newboyne gradually fell by the wayside.

Today St. Peter’s Anglican Church remains active and continues to hold regular services. The Anglican Church now owns the school, which they use for offices. The remainder of Newboyne has reverted back to its roots in farming. Learn more

How to get there

Newboyne lies on County Rd. 5 and the Newboyne Line in Leeds County.

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Nearby centre: Lombardy, 10 kilometres

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