Mount Healy


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The cemetery
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Mount Healy, located in Haldimand County, began as a small milling community. First established in the 1830s, the settlement got its start with the construction of saw and grist mills. It expanded even further with the addition of a plaster mill.

The area badly needed the mills. As a result they were an instant success. Similar to the nearby community of Indiana, the mills drew their power from the dam owned by the Grand River Navigation Company. The Grand River Canal also served as an adjacent shipping route.

In order to attract workers, the mill owners constructed a small townsite for the mill hands and employees. Accordingly, the community included a post office, school, Presbyterian church, blacksmith shop, distillery and store. In addition, the distillery relocated from nearby Indiana which had fallen on hard times. There was also an expansive hotel, known as the Mount Healy Hotel.

Although the Grand River Canal closed in 1871, the mills remained prosperous until the beginning of the 20th century. Today all that remains of Mount Healy are the hotel, one of the worker’s homes, and the cemetery. Learn more

How to get there

Mount Healy sits alongside the banks of the Grand River. From the town of Caledonia, follow River Road south for about 8 kilometres.

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Nearby centre: Cayuga, 6 kilometres

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