Photo of school
The former schoolhouse, now a private home
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Metropolitan was a farming hamlet in Perth County first settled around 1860. Despite its grandiose name, it was always a small place offering a limited number of services to the surrounding farm community.

By the 1870s, Metropolitan contained a school, post office and a temperance hall. There were two churches and Orange halls in the immediate area.

The small settlement saw its best days during the 1890s when the population peaked at about 150. During that time the hamlet contained saw and grist mills, and a pump making business.

Other than the two mills, Metropolitan offered very little in the way of commercial activity. With the arrival of the 20th century, Metropolitan quickly declined as farmers began to gravitate towards larger centres.

Today all that remains of Metropolitan are a few farmhouses and the schoolhouse, a private residence since the 1960s. Learn more

How to get there

Metropolitan is located in Perth County at the corner of County Rd. 151 and Line 4 a little southwest of the villages of Kirkton and Woodham.

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Nearby centre: St. Marys, 13 kilometres

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