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How to get there

There are no roads leading to French River. Also, unless you are an experienced boater who knows these waters well. DO NOT ATTEMPT this journey by boat on your own. The waters in Georgian Bay can be extremely volatile and unpredictable.

The townsite is located near the French River Provincial Park. Speak to the park officials, or one of the nearby outfitting shops about arranging boat rental with an experienced guide. If you want to make the journey on foot, hiking guides are also available.

Keep in mind this area is the native home to the Massassauga rattlesnake. These snakes are territorial and are also on the endangered species list. They cannot be moved or harmed. Their bite is venomous. If you decide to hike to either of these locations, try to do it in the early spring or late fall when the pesky little rattlers are hibernating.

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Nearby centre: Britt, 18 kilometres

Please note: these maps are for reference purposes only and not drawn to scale. For more detailed information, please consult a regular map.

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