Photo of tombstones
Tombstones from Inistioge’s pioneer cemetery
©Jeri Danyleyko

Inistioge was a small stopping place and milling community that was active from 1851 to 1971. At its height it boasted a couple of mills, a store, hotel, church, Orange Hall, and school. Its average population during the early days was about 100.

The community faded away after the railway built a station in the neighbouring community of Proton Station, about 2 kilometres northwest.

Few remnants remain of this early settlement today. As a result of road alignments, the entire side of the village no longer exists. Two schoolhouses still stand, both now in use as private homes. When last seen, one was also home to an art gallery.

A small pioneer cemetery and commemorative arch now sit along the west side of Highway 10 where the church once stood. Learn more

How to get there

The Inistioge Pioneer Cemetery can be found on the west side of Highway 10.

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Nearby centre: Flesherton, 11 kilometres

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