High Falls


Photo of rubble
Rubble and debris
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High Falls, located in Sudbury District, was a power site. Built by the International Nickel Company (INCO) around 1904, the huge mining conglomerate needed additional hydro-electric power.

In 1918 they added an additional station. Since the station now required additional manpower, the company built a small townsite, containing 13 homes, to provide housing to the plant’s labour force.

The High Falls townsite was less than ideal for workers with families. There were serious limits to the number of amenities. The nearest school, post office, and railway station were all situated in Turbine, with only a narrow trail leading to the site. After the school in Turbine closed, they built a small school in 1952.

The townsite remained in use until the late 1960s. By 1970, it closed although some people remained there until the 1980s. INCO offered most of the houses to their employees. Those that weren’t claimed were sold or removed from the site. The power plant itself still stands. Learn more

How to get there

High Falls is located in Sudbury District. Unfortunately the area has been fenced off by the current owners and is no longer accessible. See a detailed map for more information

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