Halls Mills


Photo of house
The former Hall residence
©Jeri Danyleyko

Halls Mills, located in Darling Township, Lanark County, got its name from William Hall who arrived in 1856. By the 1870s he had established a busy sawmill. The settlement also included a blacksmith shop, post office, school and later, two stores.

The sawmill was Halls Mills’ only major business. It was successful and remained in operation for many years. The mill produced both lumber and shingles, shipped out on a regular basis. From the mid-90s onward, the mill also handled grain threshing.

Halls Mills survived into the 1940s. Today two early buildings remain, one of which is William Hall’s original home. Learn More

How to get there

Halls Mills can be found along Tatlock Road between the villages of Clayton and Tatlock. As you leave the townsite, continue driving along Tatlock Road following the road as it curves south, where you will see a fabulous view of a huge limestone quarry from the lookout. Samples are available for the taking.

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Nearby centre: Lanark Village, 11 kilometres

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