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Construction of Canadian Radar Station (CRS) Foymount (later CFS Foymount) located atop the Opeongo Mountains in Renfrew County, took place in 1950. The facility was part of the Pinetree Line, composed of a series of 33 radar stations stretching from coast to coast across Canada. The main purpose of these stations was to detect and identify unknown aircraft and then dispatch interceptor aircraft to the targets, when necessary.

Construction of the site began in 1950. The station, known as RCAF Station Foymount, became operational in 1952. Like most post-war military stations, Foymount had no need for outside services. The self-contained townsite included 65 houses, a school, general store, post office and recreational facilities with a gym and swimming pool. In addition, the facility also maintained its own reservoir and sewage treatment facility. Besides the living quarters and other amenities, there were military buildings and of course, the radomes.

Computerization in the mid-1960s, rendered the radar facility obsolete. Consequently, the military re-designated the station for other purposes. It remained operational until 1974. Following that, the military decommissioned the facility and sold it off to a private operator. Unfortunately, that was less than successful. The owner defaulted on his property taxes leading to repossession by the township.

Although Foymount still contains a number of ruins and abandoned buildings, it has seen some revitalization. The township sold many of the single family homes often for the unpaid tax arrears. Since the infrastructure was not part of the sale, the new owners added their own water source and sceptic systems. Further renovations followed. Commercial operators leased the building from time to time for various business purposes. Learn more

How to get there

Foymount can be found on the Opeongo Road in Renfrew County. Foymount lies just south of the Opeongo Road about 22 kilometres west of Eganville.

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Nearby centres: Renfrew, 19 kilometres and Eganville, 22 kilometres

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