Photo of building
A pioneer building in Duncrief
©Jeri Danyleyko

Duncrief was a small milling hamlet located near London. Construction of the first mill took place in 1835. Over time other businesses and settlers began moving in. A post office finally opened in 1862.

At its height Duncrief boasted a population of around 100. It included a general store, wagon and blacksmith shops, two busy flour mills, a Methodist church and a school.

Duncrief was an unfortunate victim of its own success. The cleared land dried to the point where absorption of excess spring moisture was no longer possible. This resulted in severe ecological damage that translated into floods, washing the mill away on two separate occasions. Mercifully the ongoing turmoil ended with a mill fire in 1895.

Today all that remains of Duncrief are a few foundations, and one cabin, said to belong to the miller. Learn more

How to get there

Duncrief lies on Duncrief Rd. 14 kilometres northwest of the city of London. From the village of Vanneck, follow Vanneck Rd. north to New Ontario Rd. Continue travelling north on New Ontario Rd. to the second sideroad, Charlton Dr. Turn left (southwest) on Charlton Dr. and continue for approximately 1 kilometre until you reach Duncrief Rd.

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Nearby centre: London, 14 kilometres

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