Photo of abandoned house
Abandoned dwelling
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Drum was a small postal community located in what is now Victoria County. It thrived from the 1870s to 1880s. Very little is known about this tiny settlement. It was located on Concession 2 in the area roughly bounded by lots 4 – 7.

In 1870 Isabella Harrison opened a post office in her general store, located on lot 5. Mail was delivered twice weekly by stage from Ballyduff. In 1875 William Coulter took over the property and post office. The post office was taken over by George Coulter in 1884 and lasted until 1888.

Drum was also home to a frame schoolhouse that lasted until 1964.

Nothing remains of this small community however the area is well populated by rural dwellers. Learn more

How to get there

Drum lies on Drum Road just west of Highway 35 in Victoria County.

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Nearby centre: Clarington, 21.8 kilometres

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