Cline Mine


Photo of mine
Jim Cline’s prospect (Assoc. Goldfields Co.), ca. 1926
Private collector

Jim Cline staked a great deal of land in between Lochalsh and Goudreau. He later sold some claims and by 1936 the Cline Mine Gold Mine, employing about 200 workers, opened its doors. The mine was situated about 10 kilometres west of Lochlash.

At its peak the village contained 20 houses for employees with families, several large bunkhouses, cookhouse and a small school. Sports were a popular recreational pastime. The local broomball team played against other teams from neighbouring communities such as White River, Missinabi and Franz. The community also had a baseball team that competed with those of Lochalsh and Goudreau.

Production began to wane after the Second World War brought unpleasant restrictions and labour shortages. Gold had been removed from the mineral priority list, replaced by nickel and iron. In 1948 the mine finally closed after producing a small but respectable 63, 328 oz. of gold, with a grade average 0.19 oz. per ton, valued at 2,369,053. The Cline Mine was the largest of the Lochalsh-Goudreau gold mines.

How to get there

Cline Mine is in backwoods. See a detailed map for more information

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