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Spragge, located in Algoma Region, had its beginnings in 1882 as a sawmill community. Originally named Cook's Mills, the settlement contained a small store, several bunkhouses and private homes, and a post office that opened in 1885. The community was home to about 350 residents. The village was renamed Spragge after the mill changed ownership in 1895.

The mill closed in 1904 and was reopened again under new ownership in 1913. By 1926 the population stood at 300. By then the town site included a number of workers cabins, a store, a school, a hotel and a railway station. Recreational facilities consisted of a combination poolhall/ice cream parlour.

In 1932 the mill had closed again, this time a victim of the depression. In September of that same year, fire struck the lumber yard. Fanned by a western wind, the town site was engulfed in flames. By the time it was over, approximately 75 per cent of the town site was reduced to ashes. Fire struck again the following year, this time destroying the mill.

The Spragge that appears on today's maps is not the same town site as the original mill town, nor is it in the same location. All that remains of the original town site are a few foundations.