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Point Anne


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Point Anne, located near Belleville, was a small company town spawned by the cement industry. The community jumped to life in 1905, following construction of a plant by the Belleville Portland Cement Company. It was followed three years later by a second plant, 3 kilometres east of the first, built by the Lehigh Portland Cement Company .

A small independent town site rose up between the two plants. It contained two general stores, two grocery stores, a school, two churches, and an Orange Lodge. Approximately 100 new homes were built using decorative cement blocks, a style considered rare and unique in North America.

By 1909, both plants had been swallowed up by the Canada Portland Cement Company. In 1914, Canada Portland Cement consolidated their operations by closing the older plant and shifting all production to the newer one. The plant continued to thrive throught the depresseion and was expanded following the end of World War II in order to handle increased volumes from the post-war construction boom.

Point Anne fell swiftly and with little warning. Following a merger with Lafarge Cement in 1970, the plant was abruptly closed in 1973. A number of homes were sold to the residents. Those buildings that weren't sold were demolished, along with the plant.

Due to its close proximity to Belleville, a number of people still live in Point Anne. A number of interesting ruins and foundations can be found along the lake shore.