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Munroe's Mills


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The post office

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Munroe's Mills, located in Glengarry County, was a small milling community settled during the 1860s.

The mills were an ambitious undertaking for their time and included a saw and planing mill, a shingle mill, flour and grist mills and a store. A post office was opened in 1874. This was followed by an oatmeal mill and a school. Munroe's Mills was never large. It's population hovered at around 50.

Munroe's Mills might have continued to thrive were it not for a fire that destroyed two of mills in the early part of the 20th century. The remaining mill was converted into a combination grist, saw and shingle mill.

Today the original Munroe home still stands along with the former post office and general store. These buildings have been restored. Other vestiges including the bridge and pylons can still be found.