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Mindoka & South Mindoka


Town site photo

The last remains of a building in South Mindoka.

©Copyright: Yvan Charbonneau

Mindoka and South Mindoka were both settled around 1905. The two communities were located about one and a half kilometres from one another.

Mindoka began as a as a small section village on the Temiskaming & Northern Ontario Railway (later Ontario Northland Railway). It included a station, siding, water tower, about half a dozen dwellings and a bunkhouse for the railway workers. A general store and post office were opened in 1926.

South Mindoka was a little livelier. It began as a small sawmill settlement that included the sawmill, a general store and a bunkhouse for the lumbermen. A schoolhouse built in 1926 served both communities.

Both settlements were hard hit by the depression. The store and post office in Mindoka closed in 1947. By the 50s, most of the residents had left.

South Mindoka lasted a little longer. The store closed in 1949 and by the 1960s, the community was completely abandoned.