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Marysville, located in Hastings County, was a small roadside farming settlement first settled in the 1820s. A Roman Catholic church was built in 1837 to serve the largely Irish population. In 1851 a post office was opened.

By the 1860s, Marysville was home to three carpenters, a blacksmith, wagonmaker, shoemaker and milliner. Marysville had the added benefit of being on the newly opened Grand Trunk Railway (GTR) line. A station with telegraph services was added in the 1860s, followed by a hotel in the 1880s.

During the early part of the 20th century, Marysville boomed following the widening of Highway 2. It remained busy catering to highway traffic between Toronto and Montreal until the opening of Highway 401 in the early 60s. As travellers abandoned the old route, Marysville's businesses gradually began to shut down.

Marysville still continues to support a small, but dwindling, population. A few buildings, both occupied and unoccupied still stand.