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A small cairn dedicated to the mill owners

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Lockerby was a small milling community located in Bruce County near Paisley, first established in the mid 1850s.

Lockerby enjoyed remarkable success as a small mill centre. At its height it boasted both grist and sawmills. The sawmill was later equipped with generators and used as a power plant for about 30 years. The grist mill operated for well over 100 years.

Lockerby never had much to offer beyond the mills and a small group of houses for the mill workers. There were no stores or a church. There was a school that lasted until the mid 1860s when the school system was centralized.

Although the Lockerby mills were extremely successful, the community never progressed much beyond a "paper town." The former mill site is now a community park, marked by a cairn that pays homage to this small community and the mill owners. The schoolhouse still stands and is now a private home. The area continues to be used for farming and still supports a rural population.