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Glen Afton (Golden Rose Mine)


Town site photo


©Copyright: Yvan Charbonneau

Golden Rose, located in Sudbury District, began as a mining site around 1909. Progress was slow. The mine went through a number of ownership changes until 1934, when the Consolidated Mining & Smelting Company of Canada Limited moved in and finally got the mine operational.

A small townsite was established in 1934 to house the miners, their families, and other mine employees. It included a store, post office, school, bunkhouse and a few homes, as well as recreational facilities such as a tennis court and baseball diamond. At its peak, the community was home to about 200 residents.

The mine lasted from 1934 to 41, when it closed. Renewed attempts at mining the area during the 1980s were unsuccessful and by the late 80s the mine was closed once again. Today all that remains of the mine and area are foundations.