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Commemorative stone for St. Margaret's Anglican Church

©Copyright: Jeri Danyleyko

Glanmire was a small colonization settlement along the Hastings Colonization Road. The road itself stands as a stark reminder of the failure of the road colonzation program. The community itself was first settled around 1856 and a post office was in place by the end of 1858.

Glanmire, like many of the Hastings Road settlements thrived for a while. The community was on the stage route and the post office served the important function of moving the mail on a weekly basis from Millbridge to Thanet and on to York River (later Bancroft). Glanmire also contained a hotel for awhile and later a church.

Although Glanmire survived a little longer than most of the Hastings Road settlements, there was simply not enough industry or business in the area to sustain it. By the late 1950s, the community was pretty much finished.

Today there are few reminders left of Glanmire. The cemetery is well tended and still sees the occasional burial. The area remains popular with cottage goers and other summer enthusiasts, where it supports a small summer community.