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Franklin's main road

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Franklin a once promising village, had its beginnings in the early 1850s after Francis Lynn established a sawmill on top what is now the Bethany Ski Hills. Within a short period of time, families began to congregate around the mill and a small community was born.

Franklin got a big boost following the construction of the Midland Railway (later GTR) in 1856-57. At its height it included saw, flour, grist and shingle mills, a store, two churches, a school and the usual blacksmiths, carpenters and shoemakers.

Around 1913 the CPR built a small flag station about halfway between Fleetwood and Franklin. Although the station was used primarily for shipping produce, it was both busy and profitable for many years. By contrast the railway line in Franklin was not a money maker. It was closed in 1928 after the GTR was taken over the by CN Rail. After the loss of the railway, Franklin was never able to recover.

Today there is virtually nothing left of the original town site. All that stands today is the original log schoolhouse that was converted to a chalet by the Ski Club.