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Abandoned apartment building

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Canadian Radar Station (CRS) Foymount (later CFS Foymount), located atop the Opeongo Mountains in Renfrew County, was built in 1950 as part of the Pinetree Line, a series of 33 radar stations stretching from coast to coast across Canada. The main purpose of these stations was to detect and identify unknown aircraft and then dispatch interceptor aircraft to the targets, when necessary.

Construction on the site began in 1950. The station, known as RCAF Station Foymount, became operational in 1952. Like most post-war military stations, Foymount was a fully self contained town site. In addition to the radomes and other military buildings, it included 65 houses, a school, general store, post office, and a recreation room with a gym and swimming pool. The facility also maintained its own reservoir and sewage treatment facility.

Following computerization in the mid 1960s, the radar facility was rendered obsolete. The station was redesignated for other purposes. It remained operational until 1974, when it was decomissioned and sold to a private operator. Several years later the owner defaulted on his property taxes and many of the buildings were repossessed by the township.

Although Foymount still contains a number of ruins and abandoned buildings, it has seen some revitalization. One of the buildings was leased to the Black Water Factory, a manufacturer of high quality winter outerwear. Many of the homes were later sold and number of residents have moved into the area. The majority of the homes have since been attractively renovated.