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Remains of a pioneer log home

©Copyright: Jeri Danyleyko

Egypt, located in Bruce County, was one of those strange places that was never an actual community. Instead it was a small area with a little cluster of farms that became known as "Egypt."

Egypt's residents included a number of landowners, some of whom farmed their own land, and others who worked as tenant farmers. One of the large landowners was Robert Baird, who owned three parcels of land in Egypt. Baird was a wealthy businessman and landowner, with a farming background, who lived in nearby Kincardine.

There were no businesses or services in Egypt. Those could be found in nearby Riversdale or in Kinloss, both of which were located a little further west.

Today Egypt has reverted back to farmland. The remains of one log cabin from the pioneer days can still be found alongside the road.