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Bellamy's Mill


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Pioneer cemetery

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Bellamy's Mill, located in Leeds County, was first settled in the late 1700s by a group of United Empire Loyalists. The community was colonized by Able Stevens, a Baptist deacon from the state of Vermont. Stevens' message was so compelling that by 1798, roughly 100 families heeded to his call.

By the mid 1850s, Bellamy's Mill was a busy little industrial community with saw and grist mills and a three-storey cheese factory. There was also a store, temperance hall and a Roman Catholic church.

Like many other industrial hamlets, Bellamy's Mill had the misfortune of being bypassed by the railways and began to to decline in the 1870s.

Today this attractive little community continues to support a handful of residents. There are two pioneer cemeteries along with an historical plaque dedicated to Able Stevens.