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Andrewsville, named for two brothers, Rufus and Silas Andrews, got its start 1843, following the construction of a shingle mill on the Rideau River. A grist mill was added in 1861. The brothers were superb millers. Their flour regularly won top prizes at local fairs and competitions. In 1869, they sold the entire operation to the Cook brothers, who went on to expand the operation.

By the 1870s, Andrewsville boasted a population of around 100. Other millers also moved in. Besides the Cook mills, there was one additional sawmill as well as a carding mill. Other businesses included a general store, blacksmith shop, and carriage factory.

Andrewsville, despite being a prosperous little industrial town, had the misfortune to be bypassed by the railways. By the 1890s, it was clearly on the decline. Today all that remains of Andrewsville are a few original homes, still occupied, the lock station and remains of the old dam.