Farrans Point

Town plan

Farrans Point town planFarrans Point town plan

An interesting point of reference is the Farrans Canal, located at the south west edge of the village. Just to the east is the location of Farran's grist mill marked as G.M. on the map.

The Queens Highway, known locally as Main Street, later became known as Highway #2. The road was realigned prior to the flooding and it continued to serve as the main highway between Toronto and Montreal until the opening of Highway 401 in the mid 1960s. Portions of the submerged highway are still discernable when water levels are low.

The Grand Trunk Railway and station were north of the town site, adjacent to Farran's Second Addition. They can be clearly seen at the top of the map.

This map of the town plan originated from Belden's Historical Atlas dated 1879.

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