Ghost Towns of British Columbia
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Ghost Towns of British Columbia

The province of British Columbia is arguably Canada’s greatest treasure trove for ghost towns. There are hundreds of vanished or derelict pioneer communities stretching from the east near the Alberta border and to the far west on Vancouver Island. They include the pioneer coal mining communities of the Crowsnest Pass in the province’s mountainous southeast, to the silver mining towns of the Valley of the Ghosts, to the copper producing communities of the Boundary Country, and to the gold mining towns in the Bridge River Valley, Caribou Country and Vancouver Island. B.C.’s ghost towns also lay in the province’s far north, the final evidence of past mining dreams of either gold, copper and even asbestos.

Today, most of these pioneer locales, are either long gone without a single trace of a past existence, or lie in ruins – through abandonment, vandalism and the rigors of time and the elements. Each can still speak of an important history, either through words or photographs. The ghosts still speak.


Johnnie Bachusky 2005


Ghost Towns of British Columbia - Copyright © 2005 Susan Foster & Johnnie Bachusky
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