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Over the next quarter century, the Rocky Mountain wilderness was often the centre of heated debate over provincial government management policy. Environmentalists became concerned with the escalating tourism traffic, especially in the former Ribbon Creek village area where construction began in 1986 for Kananaskis Village, a leisure and recreational complex ultimately including two hotels, a day lodge and two golf courses.
At the same time, the Nakiska ski hill was built for the 1988 Winter Olympics.
Residential tar shack ruins Service garage foundation
©Johnnie Bachusky
Today there are only fading remains of Ribbon Creek's residential tar shacks scattered in nearby bushes.
©Johnnie Bachusky
The foundation of the service gargage, once used for the maintenance of the coal trucks which hauled the mine's coal to Ozada.
Men's bunkhouse foundation Ribbon Creek Main Street - today
© Johnnie Bachusky
© Johnnie Bachusky
The foundation of the men's bunkhouse.
Ribbon Creek Main Street as it looks today.
Today, most of the former Kovach townsite has been overtaken by advancing alpine vegetation. But remnants of the town can still be found; ghostly reminders of once promising pioneer dreams, now slowly fading into oblivion.